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Travel Goods Association 2016 Trade Show in Las Vegas

Airpocket debuted at the Travel Goods Association's 2016 International Travel Goods Show in Las Vegas in March. Many months of planning, organising and designing culminated in three whirlwind days of networking, marketing and promoting Airpocket to retailers and distributors. It was exhausting and exhilarating and SO much fun, and we...

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Your whole trip organised in the seat-back pocket.

Airpocket was created to help travellers be more organised, from the moment they leave the house and at every stage in transit. Designed to hold all the things you need for your trip - travel documents, electronic devices, amenities and a good book - It works perfectly with your existing luggage and fits beautifully into the seat-back pocket, keeping everything within easy reach throughout your journey. 

Airpocket is made from neoprene, a soft but sturdy material that cushions and protects your valuables against knocks and scratches. The internal pockets are flexible and accommodating to shape around whatever you place inside. Slip Airpocket over the extended handle of your carry-on bag or place it inside your purse, handbag or satchel as you move through the airport, then pop it into the seat-back pocket when you arrive at your seat.