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 "Airpocket is a great place to put your devices while on a plane."

 "A wide band across the back allows it to be secured to a suitcase handle during crazed dashes across the airport."

"The Airpocket organizer neatly keeps everything you need during the flight (passport, tickets, itinerary, iPad or e-reader, amenities kit) all in one place."

 "Boarding a plane is stressful. You want to score that overhead space, but need to stop and pull out your laptop and phone and magazine and gum and, and, and… This stylish and protective neoprene carry-on organizes travel essentials into six slots and fits neatly inside a plane’s seat-back pocket."

The Toronto Star

 "The first time you travel with an Airpocket, a handy carry-on bag designed to tuck neatly into the back pocket of an airplane seat, you’ll wonder how you navigated air travel without it."

"There's even a narrow section to clip a pen into, for filling out those annoying landing cards."- About.com/Traveltech

"Cool Factor: 10/10. It’s definitely cooler to have all your in-flight essentials organized and readily accessible than getting up and down a million times to get stuff from the overhead in-flight."
 "The handsome case provides neoprene protection in a design and dimension that allows it to slip into the airline seat pocket."

"It's commodious- It fit far more of my things than I expected, and because it has dividers inside (pockets in a pocket!) it made finding things and returning them easy."

 "... you'll be able to stick the savvy organizer quickly into your seat-back pocket without standing in the aisle or blocking other passengers from reaching their seats during the boarding process."